Brad Pitt Bid $120000 to Watch 'Game of Thrones' With Emilia Clarke

Posted January 09, 2018

Before you freak out about Pitt losing his mind and becoming a creepy Daenerys Targaryen stalker, the money was bid at Sean Penn's charity gala to raise money for Haiti after it was hit by Hurricane Irma in September. Proceeds of the charity gala go to J/P HRO & Disaster Relief Organisations to aid Haiti.

According to Variety, the auction to watch one episode of the award-winning fantasy series with Clarke started at $20,000. Plus, he's famous enough he could probably just call Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington and ask if they want to binge a season with him at his house for free. At one point, the auctioneer yelled out "Is the King of the North here?!"

Meanwhile, Pitt bid $80,000 to watch an episode of "GOT" with Clarke. Harington was in the restroom. Unfortunately, another attendee won with US$160,000. Pitt bid $80,000 and then outbid himself and offered $90,000.

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"He did everything he could to pirate episodes that hadn't even been shot yet", Lively revealed in a previous interview. [Pitt] later offered $120,000 and raised his arms in excitement, but was out at $150,000.

Other personalities in the room were Leonardo DiCaprio, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Segel, Lena Dunham, producer Mark Burnett and Amazon chief Jeff Bezos.

However, later during the auction, a second painting by the artist was put up for grabs, and this time around, the "Wolf of Wall Street" star was successful.