Clashes in Peru as president pardons ex-leader Fujimori

Posted December 25, 2017

Peru's president has granted a medical pardon to jailed former authoritarian leader Alberto Fujimori, who was serving a 25-year sentence for human rights abuses and corruption.

"The President of Republic, in use of powers that confers Political Constitution of Peru for such purposes, has made a decision to grant a humanitarian pardon to Mr. Alberto Fujimori", Peruvian Government reported through a statement. The president might reshuffle the cabinet as early as this week, according to sources. The party last week pushed to impeach Kuczynski but failed to pass the motion in the Congress, the Peruvian parliament.

Fujimori was moved from emergency this Saturday from prison of Directorate of Special Operations of National Police of Peru (DIROES), where he is sentenced to Centennial Clinic of Pueblo Libre for a drop in tension and not respond to treatment.

He is admired by some Peruvians for combating Maoist rebels, whereas his critics consider him a corrupt dictator.

Kuczynski's center-right government has repeatedly denied that a pardon for Fujimori was part of political negotiations.

Fujimori's head doctor, Alejandro Aguinaga, noted n that worsening of state of health of former president could be related to statements of opposition parliamentarian Cecilia Chacón said that Kuczynski had achieved Support from some legislators to avoid being ousted by Congress with promise that it will release Fujimori.

Officers in riot gear stood guard at Kuczynski's house in the capital's San Isidro financial district as protesters called for the march to make its way there.

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Jose Miguel Vivanco, executive director of Human Rights Watch in the Americas, tweeted: "I regret Fujimori's humanitarian pardon".

"Today is a great day for my family and for Fujimorism", his sister said.

Kuczynski, who like Fujimori is 79, ran for office to cap a prestigious career in finance and public administration.

He was convicted of authorising killings carried out by death squads. "The reality is that this sadly was a political agreement between the Fujimorists and the current government".

On Thursday, Kenji led a surprise defection in Popular Force that deprived Keiko's followers of the votes they needed to remove Kuczynski from office in the wake of a graft scandal. We are eternally grateful to you, President.

Kenji said Fujimori was recovering in intensive care and would not likely go home for a few days.