IDF arrests Palestinian teenager seen slapping soldier in viral video

Posted December 20, 2017

Ahd's friend, Jana Tamimi, posted a video after the arrest of Ahd, 17, in which she explained in English what happened during the night. Tonight, soldiers raided Nabi Saleh and arrested Ahed Tamimi.

What leads a girl, who in any other place in the world would be busy with schoolwork, hobbies, and dreams of the future (a year ago Ahed said that if it were not for the occupation, she would be a soccer player) to endanger herself by standing up to armed soldiers?

The Palestinians struggle against the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip, territories that Israel seized in the 1967 and has held ever since, despite global protest.

The video shows the two Israeli soldiers maintaining their composure while taking multiple blows, before slowly slinking away from the scene.

Ahed Tamimi, the 16-year-old filmed slapping two Israeli soldiers Friday, was arrested Tuesday following the West Bank striking incident in the village of Nabi Saleh.

Ahed was nine when weekly demonstrations began in Nabi Saleh to protest the seizure of the village's spring by settlers.

"They didn't give a reason for her arrest", he told AFP.

The doctors removed the bullet, reconstructed his jaw and placed him into an artificial coma for 72 hours. Her arrest is not so surprising to anyone familiar with the Tamimis.

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The Israeli public is accustomed to submissive Palestinians - and if not, it is accustomed to seeing them beaten and arrested, regardless of whether they present an actual danger or are engaged in an act of protest.

Nabi Saleh has been the frequent staging ground for provoked clashes between Israeli soldiers and Palestinians, specifically members of the Tamimi clan, which has a history of getting involved in highly publicized interactions with the IDF.

Nariman and Bassem have both been detained more times than either can count, but this is the first time their daughter will spend nights in Israeli prison.

In a short documentary, Ahed said that her dream is to become a football player, describing the difficulty she faces at the Israeli checkpoint when she wants to get to school.

Right wing Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett said "these girls should be imprisoned and spend the rest of their lives in prison".

Manal says the Israeli army was responding to a social media campaign among Israelis who demanded that Ahed be arrested after the video went viral.

Ahed was eight years old when it all started. "This is also an important message", Liberman said.