Donald Trump to release medical records: White House

Posted December 09, 2017

President Donald Trump will undergo a physical at the beginning of 2018 and the results will subsequently be released, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders announced Thursday.

The White House spoke out yesterday after the President could barely get his words out while announcing plans to move the United States embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem - making it Israel's new capital.

The White House is so sensitive to questions about Trump's declining health that Sarah Huckabee Sanders came back after the White House briefing ended to claim that Trump is fine. I can think of plenty of times in which I've had a dry throat, but it's never caused me to struggle with the letter "s".

The White House later stated the slurring was due to a dry throat.

What's more, Sanders' pushback notwithstanding, there's nothing "ridiculous" about the questions.

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Many on social media noted a Trump tweet rapping President Obama for holding a Hanukkah party days before the event.

Questions had arisen about whether Trump wears dentures.

"The full physical that most presidents go through that will take at Walter Reed (National Military Medical Centre) and those records will be released by the doctor following that taking place".

Trump has frequently touted his health throughout his campaign and presidency, and producing a letter signed by his personal physician of 35 years to prove his point. Indeed, Trump himself invested an enormous amount of time past year questioning Hillary Clinton's health, so it's not as if he can plausibly say this is an irrelevant issue that's somehow off-limits.