IATA Releases October Passenger Traffic

Posted December 07, 2017

Overall, revenues are expected to rise to $824 billion, up from 2017 revenues of $754 billion.

Capacity increased 6.2 percent, and load factor increased 0.8 percent.

"North American airlines have generated more than half of the industry's profits produced in the past three years, but rising cost pressures have slowed further improvements", the report said.

In good news for airline investors, the industry's return on capital is expected to exceed its cost of capital for a fourth year in a row next year.

For cargo volume, the strong growth seen in 2017 was due to unexpectedly strong demand that pushed companies to restock inventories quickly, IATA said.

Operationally, the industry is forecast to see 4.3 billion passengers worldwide in 2018, up 6% from 4.1 billion in 2017.

Airlines and airports could also use drones to help inspect aircraft and runways or even bird-shaped drones to chase off wildlife, thus improving safety and reducing cost. The demand for air cargo is at its strongest level in over a decade.

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The data showed Asia-Pacific airlines leading all regions with traffic growth of 10.3% from the comparable period a year earlier, and up from an 8.7% rise in September. "More routes are being opened", he told the IATA global media conference in Geneva, Switzerland.

"It's still, however, a tough business, and we are being challenged on the cost front by rising fuel, labour and infrastructure expenses". De Juniac also cited potential government interference in aviation practices as a factor in the coming year.

They, and global cargo, will fly on an extra 1000 aircraft by the end of 2018 as the global fleet expands to over 30,000 aircraft, IATA said.

"On the other hand, the airline capacity growth in the other Asean markets is more aggressive, namely Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines and Brunei".

Longer-term challenges, that de Juniac blamed on governments, are global security standards, tax levels, regulation and infrastructure. The benefits of aviation are compelling-2.7 million direct jobs and critical support for 3.5 per cent of global economic activity.

"By bringing together people of different backgrounds and cultures to do business, to learn from one another and to solve problems, aviation provides huge value beyond what can be calculated". It is also an announcement of global passenger traffic results for October showing that demand (measured in revenue passenger kilometres or RPKs) rose 7.2 per cent, compared to the same month past year.