Trump Has Awkward Water Bottle Moment, Rubio Was Quick to Comment

Posted November 17, 2017

US President Donald Trump on Wednesday made a televised address on his 12-day journey to Asia. "Help!" Trump mocked, as he held up a bottle of water, took a swig, then casually threw it over his shoulder.

"I am pleased that since January of this year, Japanese companies have announced investments in the United States worth more than $8 billion, 17,000 jobs", Trump remarked, before interrupting himself to look for water.

"I wish when he was still looking for water, and he was, like, really dry, I wish at that moment, people from Puerto Rico would have come out and started throwing water bottles at his face", "The Daily Show" host Trevor Noah joked.

The White House has chosen not to respond to requests of social media users on Trump's water drinking.

After Trump's similar sip on Wednesday, Rubio shared a clip of the moment on Twitter and reviewed the president's technique.

Watch Trump's Rubio Moment: President Stops Speech For Water Break

Reporters pointed out a bottle of Fiji water under the podium, which Mr Trump picked up and dramatically stared down the lens of the camera while opening the bottle.

"He's like this, 'I need water. This total choke artist", Trump said at the time, holding up a bottle of water, saying, "It's Rubio". "Similar, but needs work on his form", Rubio tweeted.

When the president was told there was a bottle on a small table to his right, the president grabbed the bottle, took a sip and resumed his speech. "Has to be done in one single motion & eyes should never leave the camera", the Florida senator tweeted.

During the 2016 campaign, Trump frequently skewered Rubio, his one-time GOP rival, for needing to quench his thirst during speeches.

Trump ensured that the moment followed Rubio throughout the 2016 campaign, making mention of it several times on the campaign trail.

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