Perfect Christmas gift for ranch lovers

Posted November 09, 2017

The 9.7-inch tall tin will definitely elevate your party tricks-ranch dressing keg stands, anyone?

Which begs the question, how much ranch is too much ranch? Well, guess what, thanks to Hidden Valley you can now get a keg of your favourite ranch dressing (ranch lovers, compose yourselves). And Hidden Valley notes that the kegs are "stackable", in the event that you'd need more than one... And it costs $50.

"Pre-order today", the gift guide states. It will begin shipping on December 11th.

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Hidden Valley Ranch has come out with a holiday outlet for what it calls "festive gifts for the ultimate ranch fan".

Other items available in the holiday line include a ranch fountain with a skirt and assorted clothing.

It's featured as a dipping machine that has a 2-pound capacity with four easy-to-assemble tiers.