Apple iPhone users experiencing glitch while using letter "I"

Posted November 08, 2017

Apple is blaming the most recent IOS update for the glitch and while the company says they are working on a solution, here's what you can do in the meantime.

Once the feature is enabled, iPhone and Apple Watch users will be issued with a virtual debit card which can be used to fund any purchases made during Apple Pay. The problem has popped on both iOS 11.1 and iOS 11.0.3, as well as macOS.

How does Apple Pay Cash work?

Users can send or request money using the feature, which leverages existing payment methods added to Apple Pay.

Now, beta users have begun to test out the service, which will roll out publicly with iOS 11.2 and watchOS 4.2. For shortcut, type a lowercase "i".

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A freaky predictive text error has left some iPhone users unable to type the word "I". Apple isn't saying, but there are some technical theories.

The autocorrect bug frustratingly replaces "I" to an "A" with a symbol. Other than the auto-correction anomaly expressed by the letter "i", it is definitely a step if not steps ahead its predecessor.

This workaround fix should mean that the system prioritizes the manually-added user text replacement over the weird garbled mess that iOS is errantly suggesting. Users can go to Settings, tap on General, and then on Keyboard.

The iOS 11.1 is a bag full of goodies. Apple admits it's a problem and said the bug is impacting iPhone, iPad and iPod devices that are on iOS 11 or later. Posts such as "iOS 11.1 freaking sucks, it really kills battery life".