Bloodhound SSC Makes Its First Public Run Today

Posted October 27, 2017

Today, at an airport in southwestern England, he drove the successor vehicle, the Bloodhound SSC, at speeds reaching 200 miles per hour in a key test toward the ultimate goal of hitting 1,000 miles per hour.

The auto, which mixes technology from F1 racecars, jets, and spaceships, was able to accelerate to 210 miles per hour in about nine seconds during both its test runs. "The auto is designed for high speed on a desert rather than sprint performance off the line, but it still accelerated from zero to 210mph in less than eight seconds".

Following today's test runs, says the FT, the Bloodhound team will focus on breaching the 1,000mph and clinching the world record. "It felt like about eight seconds, which was what we were expecting".

The impressive figure is barely idling for the Bloodhound, though, as its creators hope to achieve 1,000mph when the vehicle makes its record attempts in 2019. It will be his first time at the wheel of the machine, with the aim being to get up to 200mph in 1,300m. You can find out more details about the Bloodhound and their world record attempt over at their website at the link below.

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They are in the record-breaking business not just to change the number, but to inspire a generation of engineers who will keep Britain at the forefront of technology for decades to come.

Green set the record at 1227,98 km/h 20 years ago.

In development since 2008, it is being tested at Newquay airport at speeds of up to 200mph. They intend to push automotive design to the limits of what our knowledge and materials can achieve - and if in the process they push the speed goalposts so far over the horizon that the Union Flag will fly forever over the record, then that's only right. With the rocket also lit, Andy Green will be covering a mile every 3.6 seconds, and there's nowhere in Britain the vehicle can be properly tested.