Met √Čireann Downgrades Storm Brian Weather Warning

Posted October 22, 2017

The weather system, officially known as an explosive cyclogenesis, is caused when a jet stream of strong winds high up in the atmosphere interacts with a low pressure system, causing it to spin faster and faster.

Limerick has experienced major flooding this morning as Storm Brian hits the south and west of the country.

But strong winds and heavy rain will also his Wales, the North West of England and the south coast.

Large areas of Britain are being warned to prepare for power outages, floods, and high winds as the Met Office confirmed a new storm is on its way.

The Met Office said the southern and western coast of England will remain under a yellow weather warning for wind until midnight on Saturday, when the worst of the storm is expected to have lost potency and moved into the far north-easterly reaches of Scotland. Weatherquest forecaster Adam Dury said: "The weather bomb actually happened on Thursday night but we won't see the stormy conditions until the early hours of Saturday".

The Met Office has issued an amber warning for some parts of Ireland, and a yellow wind warning for some parts of the UK.

The Environment Agency has issued 42 flood alerts, as well as six flood warnings urging "immediate action".

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National flood duty manager for the Environment Agency Ben Lukey warned members of the public against posing for photos during the hazardous conditions.

"We urge people to stay safe along the coast and warn against putting yourself in unnecessary danger by taking "storm selfies" or driving through flood water - just 30cm is enough to move your auto".

A Met Office meteorologist, Craig Snell, said people should beware of venturing outdoors onto coastal walkways over the weekend.

'Speed restrictions may be imposed in the worst affected areas for safety reasons, which may delay your journey'.

The RAC is warning drivers to be extra cautious when driving on exposed roads, high ground, and across bridges.

It follows Storm Aileen, the first UK-named storm of the season, which left thousands of homes without power last month.