Star Wars Battlefront II trailer reveals locations, heroes and game modes

Posted September 28, 2017

If you think the first rebooted Star Wars Battlefront game failed to deliver what fans wanted, then it's likely that you won't be disappointed with what the sequel has to offer. Those fourteen maps include Starkiller Base, Jakku, Death Star II, Fondor, Endor, Naboo, Unknown Regions, Kamino, Kashyyyk, Yavin 4, Hoth, Ryloth, and Takodana.

In termsof game modes, Strike is a PvP battle featuring two teams of eight players, both competing in objective-based missions. Star Wars: Battlefront added a lot more in four premium DLC launches that followed, and became a much different game in the additional free content updates and changes since. Not to mention, he also introduces a brief glimpse at Arcade, which is the offline mode that can be played solo or in split-screen locally with a second player.

Arcade battles are also customizable.

In, Arcade Mode, players can tweak such things as difficulty and trooper classes used by AI, allowing more freedom to hone their skills. Like with the characters, you'll be able to earn Battle Points to unlock your favorite "hero ships" like the Millennium Falcon. The beta will open up to the public two days later on October 6, and conclude on October 9.

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In more news, EA detailed the PC system requirements of the #Open Beta prior to release in October.

This is one of the coolest comps we've seen in quite a while, and of course it all has to do with the upcoming release of Star Wars: Battlefront II on November 17.

All you have to do is pre-order any version of Star Wars Battlefront II on the PlayStation Store before 11:59pm on November 16th and register right HERE before December 8th.