Federation Internationale de Football Association poppy ban to be lifted for United Kingdom home nations

Posted September 26, 2017

In what must surely rank as one of its most nonsensical decisions, FIFA imposed fines on the four British associations past year saying the wearing of poppies contravened regulations that that players' equipment should not carry any "political, religious or commercial" slogans.

They said the remembrance symbol was political and banned under Federation Internationale de Football Association rules that forbid personal, political or religious slogans.

Federation Internationale de Football Association have since drafted a proposal that will allow the poppy to be worn as long the opposing teams and the competition organiser both accept the use of it.

However, with the exact same batch of fixtures on the horizon, it would appear that football's governing body are preparing to lift their blanket ban by rewording their regulations, meaning that the poppy could be worn if both the opposing team and the official match/competition organisers (i.e. FIFA/UEFA, etc) are okay with it.

Scotland manager Gordon Strachan and his Northern Ireland counterpart Michael O'Neill want "common sense" to prevail over the ban on teams displaying poppies.

Last year Federation Internationale de Football Association fined England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for sporting the poppy on an armband to commemorate Armistice day as it was considered a political symbol.

Football's world governing body told England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales that they were not allowed to incorporate it into their kits during World Cup qualifiers past year.

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Wales and Northern Ireland were fined for displaying it in their stadiums.

The International Football Association Board has reportedly chose to lift a ban on international players displaying poppies.

The row drew criticism from UK Prime Minister Theresa May, who called Fifa's stance "utterly outrageous".

England are set to play Germany in a friendly at Wembley during this time and it is understood the German FA has no objections over the use of the poppy.

England captain Wayne Rooney wears a poppy on his sleeve.

The poppy was worn by English and Scottish players in an global in 2016.

Previous year the FA maintained that the Poppy - used since 1921 to commemorate military personnel who have died in war - did not fall into any of these categories.