James Franco on first seeing 'The Room' in BC

Posted September 13, 2017

The Disaster Artist is based on Greg Sestero's memoir of the same title, in which the actor recalls making The Room with Wiseau. He's a big movie star. Sestero went on to write The Disaster Artist as a chronicle of everything that went into making The Room. In the movie's most poignant scene, an acting teacher tells Wiseau that with his accent and his looks, he's best suited to villain types, and Tommy insists, "I'm hero". We're hoping the movie is as great as the cast. They understand kinship, having a shorthand, and lifting the other person up when they're feeling down.

By all accounts out of TIFF, this most James Franco of joints defied all odds, obliterated cynicism, and over-emoted its way into the crowd's heart.

Expect this to be a serious awards season contender. Luckily for us, we get to learn about how it all came together in The Disaster Artist.

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The behind-the-scenes creative team on The Disaster Artist was led by director of photography Brandon Trost, production designer Chris Spellman, costume designer Brenda Abbandandolo, and editor Stacey Schroeder.

The Room, as you're probably well aware by now, falls into that pantheon of movies-so-bad-that-they're-good. Though the movie has yet to be released, The Disaster Artist has enjoyed early critical buzz and even some serious Oscar attention when it was screened earlier this year in some film festivals. The film will hit theaters December 1.