'Game of Thrones' Facebook filter crowns you the Night King

Posted August 27, 2017

Thanks to a Reddit user for whom we came to know about this GoT fan theory that has explained the initials of the Night King in the post linked with popular GoT theories on a YouTube video. But clearly the White Walkers weren't wiped out then-they merely retreated.

It should. It's the same place the Hound envisions in the fire through the "Lord of Light"; the same "mountain shaped like an arrowhead" where the Children of the Forest created the Night King on the weirwood tree with a dragonglass dagger; the same spot where Jon Snow and his Suicide Squad eventually ended up surrounded by the WW army during the final act of "Beyond the Wall".

The second time he goes back into Bran the Builder, the Stark predecessor who built the wall and created Winterfell.

Whether you believe the theory that Bran is the Night King or not, the similarities between their abilities can not be ignored.

The White Walkers have similar but weaker powers compared to those of the Night King, and have been shown to be more susceptible to weapons like dragonglass and fire.

During Season 5's "Hardhome", we saw the true power of the Night King. Only the help of Daenerys and his three dragons managed to get them out of business but Viserion unfortunately perished along the way.

But now that Viserion is the Night King's ice dragon, that theory seems to have been blown to smithereens. He's not going to improvise his way through the wall, he knows how it's going to fall. You should not be able to defeat magic by loophole. What if the White Walkers' plan to kill Dany's dragons and resurrect them as wights is just that - a very carefully thought-out plan?

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The strength of the army of the dead comes from their massive numbers and lack of fear. And also, how did they swim to the bottom of the lake and pull a dead dragon to the top? So.

Because White Walkers and Wights are created differently, it begs the question of how the Night King is able to control them all (including the white walkers), or whether they are simply subservient to his commands.

The show will suddenly remember about the Horn Of Joramun.

. That means there's potentially a really efficient method of eliminating the massive army of dead men, especially considering how many corpses the Night King himself raised at Hardhome.

Joramun has a deep connection to events at the Wall, which gives more credence to the legend that says his horn will bring down the entire Wall if blown.

The only thing worse than the show forgetting about the Horn Of Joramun would be to suddenly introduce it as a deus ex machina now.

The season finale of the penultimate season of "Game of Thrones" will air same time as the USA, at 11am Monday AEST on Showcase.