Backstage News On Why Jinder Mahal Retained The WWE Championship At SummerSlam

Posted August 24, 2017

McMahon agreed to the match stating it would be the last time Owens gets a shot at the USA title as long as Styles is champion, but allowed The Prizefighter to select his own special guest referee for the bout. As of this writing, 48% voted for Roode's debut win over Aiden English while 33% went with Benjamin's return, 9% with AJ's main event win, 6% for Nakamura's Handicap Match win and the rest with Ziggler's return as a backstage interviewer. Owens called Styles a joke of a champion. Zayn said that he will not help Owens so he will not volunteer to be the special referee tonight. McMahon not happy with Corbin's officiating, ran down to the ring to speak with The Lone Wolf while Owens delivered a low blow to The Phenomenal One. She said that it's her time and vowed to restore the title. Prior to tonight, McMahon had truly done nothing legitimately wrong to Owens; however, an argument can be made that he got himself involved in this match unnecessarily.

Backstage - Lana and Tamina Snuka: Lana, who was back wearing a version of her suit, promised Snuka that her journey to the women's championship begins next week. Lynch hit her finisher on Carmella and Naomi hit a dive off the top rope for the win. Styles followed up with the Styles Clash and then got the pin to retain the United States title. He said he learned what it takes to be a big star in WWE and all he needs is a big spotlight, a fancy robe, and a attractive woman that glows in the dark. Owens argues that he had Styles pinned at SummerSlam but McMahon reminded him that Styles had a foot on the bottom rope. If Owens loses, he will not be allowed to challenge for the United States Championship until AJ Styles drops the title. Frustrated, Corbin handed McMahon the referee uniform making the commissioner now in charge of the match. Corbin offers to ref the match as long as he gets first dibs at a title shot if Owens walks out as champion. Shane McMahon came out.

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He hit Owens with a Pele Kick and then a Styles Clash to pin Owens to keep his title in a thrilling match. Owens stared down towards the ring at Shane and Styles as WWE "SmackDown" went off the air.