Amber Heard pokes at fun at Australian politician over citizenship scandal

Posted August 16, 2017

By yesterday, Mr Joyce told Parliament that the authorities in Wellington had said that he could renounce the New Zealand citizenship that he unknowingly acquired from his Dunedin-born father.

It does seem a bit freaky though that New Zealand automatically gives citizenship to anyone born overseas to a parent who was a New Zealand citizen or who was born there (Mr Joyce's father was born in New Zealand, Mr Joyce himself was born in Australia).

The ALP's involvement has angered Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, who said she would have trouble trusting a New Zealand Labour should they form government.

Both the Greens - which have lost two senators over dual citizenship dramas - and the Labor Party have called on Mr Joyce to resign as Deputy Prime Minister until the High Court rules on his case.

Below is an edited transcript of a press conference held by Foreign Minister Julie Bishop at Parliament House, Canberra on August 16.

Mr Gartrell said it was a "really silly move" for Ms Bishop to say she would struggle to trust a Labour government, and amounted to intervening in an ally's election. "You know, when you nominate for Parliament, there is actually a question - you have got to address that Section 44 question and you've got to tick the box and confirm that you are not a citizen of another country".

If Australia's supreme court rules against him, Joyce will be ruled ineligible to be a senator, sparking potential havoc in the country's government.

"Should there be a change of government, I would find it very hard to build trust with those involved in allegations created to undermine the government of Australia".

As citizenship provisions in the federal constitution cast a black cloud over five current and former members of the Australian parliament, a Sydney barrister claims a strict reading of the controversial section 44 means every politician - indeed, every single citizen of the country - may be disqualified from serving. "Australian media inquiries were", Mr Dunne tweeted.

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Kiwi is the slang term to describe people from New Zealand.

New Zealand Prime Minister Bill English said he accepted the Australian reaction, and he took the opportunity to give the Labour Party a ticking-off for getting mixed up in Australian politics.

Dual citizens are not allowed to run for public office under Australia's constitution.

But now it is out in the open, it is highly likely the citizenship clause will trap even more Australian politicians on all sides of parliament, Economou said.

A senior Labor source warned: "if we go down this path, it will destroy them".

As two others succumbed (National cabinet minister Matt Canavan and One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts), arguments raged as to whether those caught up in the fiasco were negligent or victims of circumstance.

What do Johnny Depp and Amber Heard think about this?

"Not at all", she said.