USA says it hopes to prevent new war in Syria

Posted August 03, 2017

The secretary of state said the administration has been attempting to exert "peaceful pressure" on North Korea, "because the options available to us are limited, particularly if we think we are operating under a short period of time".

"We do not seek an accelerated reunification of the peninsula", Tillerson said.

Trump and Tillerson have been shown little interest in repudiating Russian Federation for the election cyberattacks that have been reported by multiple USA intelligence agencies.

"As I indicated in my first trip to Moscow in meetings at the Kremlin with President Putin, following those meetings, the relationship was at a historic low since the end of the Cold War, and it could get worse", he told reporters, according to TASS.

Pence said Trump would sign the sanctions into law "very soon", and that states in eastern Europe, including Ukraine, the Baltic states and Georgia should see that as a further of American commitment to their independence and sovereignty. Another $19.8 million sits untouched at the State Department as Tillerson's aides reject calls from career diplomats and members of Congress to put the money to work against America's adversaries. The bill nearly unanimously supported by both houses of Congress. It allows Congress to block any attempt to ease or end penalties against Russian Federation and imposes new sanctions in response to Russia's meddling in the 2016 election.

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Vice President Mike Pence sounded a distinctly different note about the sanctions bill Tuesday, when he was in the former Soviet republic of Georgia, seeking to reassure Russia's neighbors, who are anxious about Moscow's expansionist policies.

The bill needs to be signed off by the president before going into effect. A special prosecutor is investigating whether Trump advisers colluded with what United States intelligence has concluded was an attempt by Russian Federation to covertly support his 2016 campaign.

As we recently discussed, Trump is giving Putin what he wants in Syria, while simultaneously isolating the United States diplomatically, fracturing Western alliances, largely ignoring Russia's attack on the USA elections - all of which serve Moscow's strategic goals.

In another sign of USA concern about the North, the Trump administration published a notice Wednesday in the Federal Register detailing a new ban on Americans traveling to North Korea. "Does it make our life more hard?" One State Department official said Tillerson "leaned on Palmieri heavily" for Western Hemisphere issues, including in formulating the newly unveiled sanctions on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and a summit with Central American leaders in June.

He said he had talked to Lavrov by phone and would be meeting with him face to face this weekend on the margins of meetings of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in Manila.