US Navy to commission first Ford-class aircraft carrier CVN 78

Posted July 23, 2017

With help from President Donald Trump, the U.S. Navy commissioned the USS Gerald R. Ford on Saturday at Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia.

"I hereby place United States Ship Gerald R. Ford in commission", Trump said after delivering a speech in which he praised the USA military and the American labor that went into building the 100,000 ton, $12.9 billion warship.

The launching ceremony of the aircraft carrier on the water, visited the US President Donald trump, who blessed the ship and all who will serve.

The new carrier will be the flagship of the new class of "super carriers", the first new class in 40 years and the most expensive warships ever built.

Learn more about the naval service and life of Gerald Ford here: "This is just a dumb way to build any type of ship, particularly something as big and complicated as a carrier".

The president has said he wants to expand the Navy's fleet to 350 from the 276 deployed today.

The ship and class is named for the nation's 38th president, Gerald Ford, who came to office under remarkable circumstances following the resignation of Richard Nixon in 1974.

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He praised the military members and civilians who worked on developing and building the massive ship, impressing his hope that the carrier serves as "the deterrent that keeps us from having to fight in the first place".

However, the carrier's commander said he is confident in the new technology. Released from active duty in February 1946, Ford remained in the Naval Reserve until 1963.

"Today, this ship officially begins its role in the honorable U.S. Navy", Trump said. The Navy blames the delays and budget overruns on the ship's state-of-the-art systems.

The Ford is the first of three Ford-class carriers ordered by the Navy. "I am very proud to be their captain". Ford-class carriers will operate with smaller crews than their predecessors in the Nimitz-class.

"It's been a little bit of a fire hose to the mouth trying to absorb all the information I need to absorb, but it's been an awesome experience", said Gaut, who joined the ship almost a month and a half ago and has never been part of the pre-commissioning process for another ship. These innovations are expected to improve operational availability and capability compared with Nimitz-class carriers.

The CNV 78 aircraft carrier boasts almost two dozen new technologies not present on older carriers - including a more spacious flight deck, an electromagnetic aircraft launch system and advanced arresting gear to better recover incoming aircraft.