Solar Eclipse 2017: How to Take the Best Photos

Posted July 22, 2017

The whole continent can watch this partial eclipse which lasts for 2 to 3 hours.

"With NASA predicting 100,000 to 500,000 visitors in the region for the eclipse, we're urging area businesses to think through some of the supply challenges that may be created by several days of heavy demand for food, fuel and grocery supplies", said Mike McGregor, KYTC District 1 chief engineer.

The total eclipse will only be visible in a 70-mile-wide path extending from OR to SC.

The moon, appearing in a dim red colour, is covered by the Earth's shadow during a total lunar eclipse over La Paz, September 27, 2015.

The mountain resort towns of Sun Valley and nearby Ketchum will experience about one minute and 13 seconds of totality.

Researchers who studied an eclipse across Europe in 1999 found that the event lowered air temperatures by as much as 5°F across the path of totality. Within the narrow path of the totality, the moon can entirely block the sun's bright face. The presentation will demonstrate what to expect with the coming Total Solar Eclipse and how to safely view the eclipse. Ordinary sunglasses, no matter how dark, won't protect you as they don't have the right filters.

NASA says the only glasses that should be used are produced by four companies - American Paper Optics, Rainbow Symphony, T-S-E-17 and Thousand Oaks Optical.

Always inspect your solar eclipse glasses before using. if scratched or damaged do not use them. Individuals should follow the instructions which are on the printed on or the packaged material. This project could lay the foundation for using consumer smartphones to help monitor the outer atmosphere for disturbances caused by solar storms.

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Q: How can I view the eclipse safely?

"People actually used a solar eclipse to prove one of Einstein's theories, the curving of spacetime", Fisher said. We have to turn away and then remove the glasses.

- Use solar filters on camera lenses, binoculars, and telescopes. Most of northern Utah, including Salt Lake and Utah valleys, will see up to 95 percent coverage of the sun during the eclipse.

The solar eclipse, she added, provides "a daytime opportunity to look at an important astronomical event".

If you are present within the path of totality, keep the solar filters.

The area under the moon's shadow stretches from Center Street in Folly Beach to the northern tip of Pawleys Island. But as soon as the sun begins to reappear, put the solar filters back on.

Another safe viewing method is through pinhole projection. For example, cross the outstretched, slightly open fingers of one hand over the outstretched, slightly open fingers of the other.