China lashes out, calls Liu's Nobel 'blasphemy'

Posted July 15, 2017

"Anyone who violates law will be punished and remarks by certain countries constitutes interference in China's internal affairs", Geng said awarding Nobel prize to him "goes against the spirit of worldwide law".Liu's death led to abundant global criticism of China.

This image taken on October 22, 2002 shows Chinese dissident and Nobel Peace laureate Liu Xiaobo (L) and his wife, Liu Xia, in Beijing.

While in prison, Liu was diagnosed with late-stage liver cancer, which led to multiple organ failure and ultimately his death.

"The West has bestowed upon Liu a halo, which will not linger", it said. Xia was sentenced to house arrest since 2009, after Xiaobo was jailed for co-writing the Charter 08, a document propagating political transformation in China.

Liu Xiaobo had held fast to his belief that a single-party dictatorship was not the best path for China, but rather democracy, a separation of powers and the rule of law.

Chinese authorities released video footage meant to show that Liu had been receiving good medical care, and they invited USA and German doctors to treat him. Liu reportedly had an opportunity early on to leave China, but he chose to stay behind and continue the fight for his vision of a free and democratic China.

"Can't operate, can't do radiotherapy, can't do chemotherapy", Liu Xia said in a brief video message to a friend when her husband's fatal condition was announced.

Tsai had previously said Taiwan would be willing to aid in Liu's treatment.

Another friend, Zhang Huanping, said she had also not heard from her. "Xiami, your pain, persecution, loneliness and helplessness go without saying", Zhang tweeted, referring to Liu Xia by her nickname.

Shortly after Liu's death, Beijing's propaganda machine was already predicting the world would soon forget the democracy advocate, who lost a battle with liver cancer on Thursday at the age of 61.

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Liu's biographer and friend, the US -based dissident Yu Jie, believes that China's government had a motive to withhold or delay treatment: It feared the consequences of Liu getting out of prison alive. On that day the world honoured and celebrated Liu Xiaobo's courage as it does again today.

Berit Reiss-Andersen, chairwoman of Nobel Peace Prize committee, said her visa to China to attend Liu's funeral had been rejected amid speculation that Beijing was trying to avoid a publicity around Liu's funeral.

While Xiabo's death made headlines globally, Chinese media curtailed its coverage significantly, releasing only brief reports in their English editions.

The Swiss foreign ministry has called on the Chinese government to allow Liu's wife, Xia, full burial rights and to guarantee her freedom of movement.

Despite pleas form all over the country, he was not allowed medical parole until much later, when he was hospitalised in northeast China.

Recalling the times he met Liu in person in 2006 and 2008, Aso said the lifelong activist was a noble yet friendly and open person.

The following officials must also held responsible for mistreating Liu Xiaobo and denying him medical care: Chen Qiufa, the governor of Liaoning province; Li Xi, the secretary of the Liaoning provincial committee of the Communist Party; Ma Zhenfeng, the former director of Jinzhou prison, in Liaoning province, where Liu Xiaobo, was held; and Wang Zhansuo, his successor.

Activist Hu Jia said authorities were pressuring Liu's family to quickly cremate his body.

Beijing rejected global criticism for not allowing its most prominent critic to be treated overseas for liver cancer and claimed that the case is an internal affair and other countries were "in no position to make improper remarks".