Beyond Good and Evil 2: E3 2017 First In-Engine Demo

Posted June 29, 2017

Beyond Good & Evil 2 was a very pleasant surprise at E3 this year, but all we really saw was a well designed trailer created to get fans excited that the game was actually coming. The game was announced last week when the company revealed the game with a cinematic reveal trailer. Now there's another reason to get excited: A big chunk of gameplay with a video narrated by video game designer and creative director Michel Ancel, whose brainchild is Beyond Good and Evil 2.

What do you guys think of the in-engine demo? For those are interested in shaping the game's development, be sure to check out the game's Space Monkey Program, which will allow fans to check out early versions of the game and offer feedback to the developers.

There is no planned release date or target platforms for Beyond Good and Evil 2, but we can't wait to hear more about the work being done on the game. The new demonstration shows this scale by taking the customisable protagonist (in this case the monkey from the original video) from on-foot wanderings on the outside of a small dogfighter spaceship to floating far above the planet's surface, with a much larger planet looming in the background.

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Check out the tech demo and commentary from Michel Ancel in its 15 minutes glory below. Think the game looks good? And we have to say, it's certainly impressive.

We are then introduced to the truly massive world Beyond Good and Evil 2 takes place in, which could even give No Man's Sky a run for its money.