Brazilian Pres. Temer Charged with Accepting Bribes, Graft Scheme

Posted June 28, 2017

SAO PAULO - A day after Brazil's top prosecutor formally accused President Michel Temer of corruption in a scathing indictment, markets largely shrugged off the news Tuesday in a sign that the leader's departure may not be imminent.

Temer took office a year ago after former president Dilma Rousseff was removed from office for breaking laws related to reporting the nation's budget. He says nothing will "destroy" his government.

The document delivered to the Supreme Court said in part: "from March to April, 2017, with a free and conscious will, the President of the Republic Michel Miguel Temer Lulia, taking advantage of his position as head of the Executive Power and national political leadership, received for himself... an undue advantage of 500,000 Brazilian reals".

Prosecutors alleged Loures acted on behalf of Temer who then helped JBS to resolve tax issues and other matters.

Brazil's President Temer has been charged with receiving a bribe of United States dollars 150,000 from JBS meatpacking executives.

If a case against Temer were taken up by the Supreme Court, the president would be removed from office for at least 180 days, leaving House speaker Rodrigo Maia to serve as the country's interim leader.

This comes just over a year after Temer replaced the impeached leftist president. But Janot is widely expected to level fresh charges of racketeering and obstruction of justice against Temer in the coming weeks, forcing lawmakers into multiple votes on a possible presidential trial. "In that case, there will be defections, and colleagues may start to move against Temer".

Apart from Cunha, several other member of Temer's cabinet, four former Brazilian presidents and a number of lawmakers are now being investigated for various corruption schemes.

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His trip last week to Russian Federation and Norway ended up underscoring the president's problems and Brazil's diminished stature overseas.

After the attorney general's charges, a complex process involving the nation's highest court and congress could lead to a vote by the full lower house.

Janot, however, is piling on the pressure and by separating the charges he would make sure that the crisis dragged on, weakening Temer's political base and making two thirds congressional approval for his trial more likely.

Three of Temer's all-white, all-male cabinet were fired or resigned between May and June 2016 over a vast corruption scandal linked to the state oil firm Petrobras.

Meanwhile, the obstruction of justice investigation accuses Temer of approving a plan with Joesley Batista, owner of JBS parent company J&F, to pay hush money to a politician jailed for corruption.

On Monday, Temer released his latest statement on the on-going investigation during his first address after his return from Norway and Russian Federation.

Temer poured out a stream of adjectives to heap scorn on the accusations against him, calling them injurious, undignified, infamous, shaky, dangerous, irresponsible, frail and precarious.

A visit by Mr. Temer to Russian Federation and Norway last week, meant to distract from his problems at home, seemed to make them worse.