PB Acharya's message on 'World Blood Donor Day'

Posted June 26, 2017

Since 2004, across the globe the World Blood Donor Day is observed on June 14 every year, and keeping in view the shortage of blood across all countries, the theme designed for this year is "Give blood".

Aigboje Ikhuoria reports that some residents in Benin City donated blood as part of the commemoration of the day. "It has the effect of shifting our attention from the patient who is most in need, to the donors in order to go through the process of the interviews, collecting the blood, and testing the blood, all before the person is transfused". Interacting with the students he told them about the origin of Blood Donor Day.

The claim comes as Jamaicans recognise World Blood Donation Day, which is celebrated on June 14 each year.

In Islamabad alone, he said, 68,000 blood donations were collected and used past year.

A rather surprising fact about blood donation according to World Health Organization is that a single unit of blood can benefit several patients. Give blood. Give now. At the same time, the statistics shows that voluntary blood donation is less during exams and vacations.

There's always a greater need for certain types of blood, with Type O negative being the most valuable.

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Only about three percent of the US population gives blood, which means a heavy reliance on repeat donors to maintain a sufficient blood supply.

"Think about if that was your family member laying there or themselves and how they would want that blood available", says Sue Rickey. According to him, many lives would have been saved if there was enough blood in the blood bank.

"When you donate blood, through your kindness you spread another chain of humanity through you".

A total of 13,037 blood donors came forward across Brunei Darussalam previous year, including 3,495 new registered donors, Haji Zulkarnain said in his message on the occasion of World Blood Donors Day which carries the theme "What can you do?"

As per the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules of 1945, it is mandatory for a blood bank to renew the license within six months of its expiry, but most of the blood banks have not renewed their licenses.

You should not have high blood pressure.