First day of Eid al-Fitr announced in Oman

Posted June 25, 2017

The Eid al-Fitr prayer, a three day holiday marking the end of Ramadan, is scheduled for Sunday.

Ramzan commemorates Prophet Mohammad's first revelation of the holy book of Quran.

When a new moon appears over Saudi Arabia, the long-anticipated feast will begin. Eid signals the end of fasting and the beginning of a new Islamic month, Shawwaal. Thus, Eid-al-Fitr as a whole is an oft-returning festival of breaking the fast.

The Coalition of Muslim Organisations, Ghana, (COMOG) has called on Muslim chiefs and the stakeholders in the Muslim Community to reconsider the way Eid is being celebrated by Muslim youth to reflect the good image of Islam.

During Eid, Muslims will often purchase new clothes for the occasion, and take part in festivals and celebrations.

The Islamic calendar is lunar and the days begin at sunset, so there may be one-day error depending on when the New Moon is first seen.

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On the day, Muslims wake up early to shower and dress in their Eid best, and to arrange a spread of sweet treats for any guests who might stop in later.

"Oman, however, has not sighted the moon, and thus declared Monday June 26 as the first day of Eid al-Fitr".

After observing the fast for 30 days of Ramadan, the people of Morocco along with neighboring countries will be celebrating Eid Al-Fitr tomorrow Sunday. Eid-al-Fitr is comprised of two different words: Eid and Fitr. If not, Eid al-Fitr will be celebrated on Monday.Many countries like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Syria, Iraq, Egypt and others are celebrating Eid al-Fitr on Sunday. Check the Ramazan 2017 Date and start celebrating the day with most precious prayers.

It is a time when we take stock of all the lessons we have learned over the holy month of Ramadan, as we mark its passing with our family and friends. "Eid Mubarak" is exchanged by each and every individual in the form of greetings.

"As Muslims celebrate Eid across Nigeria, it is important to remind Nigerians of the importance of respecting the faiths and beliefs of all".