Trump was 'wrong' to leave climate change deal: United Kingdom minister

Posted June 14, 2017

Two weeks after President Trump announced he'd withdraw from the Paris climate accord, the US on Monday took its first concrete step toward that end by formally rejecting the agreement on the world stage.

Italy's environment minister, Gian Luca Galletti, says the United States and the rest of the G-7 are far apart on the Paris Climate Agreement and will remain so.

The Group of Seven countries could not bridge the gap with the USA with regards to the Paris Agreement on climate change at a meeting of its environment ministers which began on Sunday.

PRESIDENT Donald Trump's plan to withdraw the United States of America from the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change is a setback for the efforts of responsible countries trying to reduce carbon emissions.

In a snipe at the Trump administration, Hendricks" ministry on Friday posted a "fact check' of Trump's speech announcing the US withdrawal from the Paris accord, claiming it contains "blatant fallacies".

Hulot said USA commitments on other environmental issues, notably cleaning up the world's plastic-choked oceans, were not in doubt, and the commitment of industry players to green technologies and renewable energy would not be affected by Trump's position.

Other countries initially opposed the USA proposal to include a footnote on its different climate change position, arguing that footnotes are for facts, according to the G6 delegate.

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She also said she told Pruitt that the accord is "not open for renegotiation, although we are in the phase of negotiating the rules".

Germany and California agreed Saturday to work together to keep the Paris accords on track and the most populous USA state had its own representative at the Bologna talks. These aren't just the conclusions of the overwhelming majority of climate scientists, they are also shared by the U.S. Department of Defense.

California Governor Jerry Brown has been spending this week meeting with Chinese government officials, encouraging them to follow the state's climate change mandate and zero emission vehicle rules and incentives.

Pruitt, a known climate-change skeptic, left after the morning session to meet with Trump.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt instead welcomed the environment statement as confirmation of the Trump administration's position on the Paris accord.

Kerry, an architect of the Paris climate agreement, said during a visit to Oslo that many USA companies, states and cities were pushing ahead with restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions despite Trump's pro-coal policies. The remainder of the USA delegation were largely quiet, she said. Shortly after Trump's announcement, a coalition of USA states, cities, and businesses came together to pledge to adhere to the emissions reductions targets the president abandoned. "At this point, if you know the going to abstain from everything, then you want as big a possible a group of leaders or countries to sort of isolate the United States on this".