After Six-Day War, An American Became A West Bank Settler

Posted June 13, 2017

Stern's bill emulates the Taylor Force Act, a 2016 USA legislative bill sponsored by Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (South Carolina), which proposes to halt American economic aid to the PA until the latter changes its legislation regarding the transfer of funds to Palestinian security prisoners and family members, and families of terrorists who died committing attacks. In a separate process, 688 homes were advanced by the committee late on Wednesday and will now go out for a 60-day public comment period during which objections can be filed. That, however, did not stop the construction of unauthorized settlements in the West Bank.

Some 600,000 Israeli settlers now live in the West Bank and east Jerusalem, alongside around 4.9 million Palestinians.

Israel continues doing whatever it wishes, with impunity, and peace is just a word that it has long deleted from its dictionary and Palestinians vaguely recognise, for it is not part of their lives. Any peace agreement with the Palestinians, who seek a capital in Jerusalem as well, should acknowledge reality and provide for a new division of the city - with adjustments, however complicated they might be to negotiate - over the location of a new border.

It is the largest expansion of Jewish settlements in the area in 25 years.

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Israel has so far this year advanced its highest number of settlement projects since 1992, the defence minister said Sunday, despite warnings such plans will further cloud chances of a two-state solution.

Last month, Mr Trump visited Israel and the Palestinian territories, meeting both Mr Netanyahu and Mr Abbas and seeking what he called the "ultimate deal". Netanyahu has said he still supports a two state solution, but peace advocates say his actions show otherwise. "Netanyahu has been trying to hold back but he has been under very strong pressure from the settlement movement", Ofer Zalzberg of the International Crisis Group think tank said.

Abbas's spokesman called Netanyahu's statements a "challenge" to Trump and the worldwide community.