The Best iOS 11 Features You Probably Haven't Heard of Yet

Posted June 11, 2017

The new safety feature will be part of Apple's iOS 11 coming this fall.

At the moment Apple does not allow developers to have access to NFC on the iPhone, it is now restricted to Apple Pay and Apple's Passbook, this will change with the release of iOS 11. However, we're a long way from seeing the final version of iOS 11 out and about, which means you're going to have to prepare yourself for some issues with iOS 11 beta 1.

Once the password is saved on a new device, it'll remember it.

The unveiling of Apple's iOS 11 was received with mixed reactions from all over the tech world.

Apple last week announced the upgrade of its iOS software to iOS 11 at its developers' conference.

A few Reddit users testing the developer-only beta of iOS 11 discovered that the new customizable Control Center makes it easy to use a new tool called Screen Recorder, according to Gizmodo.

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"iOS 11 gives iPad users the powerful app functionality they need to take advantage of everything iPad is capable of, and brings hundreds of new features and incredible updates to the iOS apps iPhone and iPad users enjoy every day", Federighi said.

If you're still using an iPhone 5, iPhone 5c or and iPad 4, you won't be able to try out the latest iOS features, and more importantly your device won't be patched by security fixes.

iOS 11: what's new?

At least 33,000 more were injured in crashes linked to mobile phone use.

Uber tracks a user's location "from the time of trip request through five minutes after the trip ends, including when the app is in the background". For other apps, however - games, in particular - iPhone and iPad users will be able to delete those apps without losing any vital data.

A new iPhone feature will silence notifications, like texts, while driving, Apple confirmed Monday. "Reinstalling the app will place back your data if the app is still available in the App Store", says Apple in its description of the feature.