NDP and Greens to make "significant announcement" in Victoria

Posted May 30, 2017

But pipeline opponents - now nearly the government - say that if the pipeline can't be stopped in the courts, it should be stalled into extinction with a variety of tactics.

Christy Clark and John Horgan: Out with the old, in with the new!

The NDP-Greens deal is weighted in the Greens supporting, or giving confidence, to the NDP in votes including the throne speech and budgets.

On Monday, Weaver said showing how a minority government can work effectively is a way for the Green party to show proportional representation is a viable option for the province.

Unifor is Canada's largest union in the private sector, representing more than 310,000 workers. "That decision was for the B.C. Greens to work with the B.C. NDP to provide a stable minority government over the four-year term of this next session".

The final count left the Liberals one seat short of a majority with 43 seats to 41 for the NDP and three for the Greens.

"I think we have a case now that this parliament and this legislature can work", Mr Weaver added. Horgan said other legislation may pass or fail depending on the issue, and there may also be Green or Liberal legislation that could pass the house. Weaver says the Green caucus has already ratified the agreement.

With a widely-distributed support base, the Greens have suffered the most under first-past-the-post, receiving only 3.4 per cent of the seats in B.C.'s legislature in the last election despite winning 16.8 per cent of the popular vote.

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Weaver said he was "heavily invested" in opposition to the the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, and that he and his colleague Andrew Olsen were interveners in the review process.

Power sharing talks have been underway since, between the Greens and the NDP, as well as the Greens and Liberals.

Weaver, who attended a rugby game with Horgan on Sunday in the Victoria area suggested that he might be prepared to announce a deal with either the NDP or Liberals on Tuesday.

Weaver spent days negotiating with both parties before finally deciding to back the NDP.

Premier Christy Clark said the Liberals have made every effort to reach a governing agreement with the Greens, while standing firm on their core beliefs.

"I'm very excited about the prospect of delivering the people of British Columbia what they voted for, and that was change", NDP leader John Horgan told reporters at the legislature.

Horgan and Weaver have had a hard personal relationship in the past, with both parties heavily criticizing the character of the other leader. If the B.C. Greens and NDP defeat the current government in a confidence motion, Clark would need to decide between resigning or asking for a new election. But I want to make it clear - this not about a deal between political parties... it's about getting the best deal possible for British Columbians. However, Guichon can also force the premier's resignation and ask the NDP to form a government. The Greens and NDP would then immediately vote to bring her down. Next morning, Weaver cancelled a scheduled follow-up session and made a decision to go with the more substantive offer from the NDP instead.