Daredevils Film Illegal Backflips on Golden Gate

Posted May 18, 2017

As if standing at the height of 746ft wasn't enough of a thrill, the daring duo made a decision to dangle their entire bodies over the edge of one of the bridge's towers, with only their fingertips stopping them from making the long fall to the ground below. "The Golden Gate Bridge is not an amusement park ride", he says. In April 2008, the bridge was scaled by two Sausalito men and an Oakland woman to protest China's treatment of Tibet and the impending arrival of the Olympic torch.

We wanted to know how they were able to get past security.

The Golden Gate Bridge authorities were aware of the video earlier, but have not reported the incident until Tuesday. At this point, they do not have alarms on the bridge for "reckless behavior".

Peter Teatime's social media profile is full of videos of him free-climbing and performing parkour stunts, along with several photos of him standing on top of buildings.

Teatime and Rector snuck down the Marin Headlands, along the bridge, and once the sun set, climbed the bridge's suspension stays from the shore.

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While the video has gone viral, there were no authorities around at the time of the stunt and isn't sure if they have got the footage yet.

"I don't want to say too much about how we got past security", Teatime said. "It's a vital Bay Area transportation artery and a symbol of our community". He also pointed out that he and his friend did not harm anyone or damage any property.

The district said in a statement that security systems keep people from harming the bridge, but acknowledged that the trespassing incident "raises questions about how such an unauthorized climb was possible and the potential harm to drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists, and the climbers themselves". "The Golden Gate Bridge is the most famous, is one of the tallest of its kind".

Locati said the bridge's security system was "not created to protect thrill-seekers from harming themselves".

Teatime says he hopes he won't be arrested and even plans to to contact bridge officials to help them identify flaws in their security system. "As long as we are not hurting anyone, I don't see anything wrong with it".