Turkish PM attacks US decision on arming Kurds

Posted May 17, 2017

The United States considers the YPG fighters the best boots on the ground and key allies in the fight against ISIS, but Turkey considers them terrorists, claiming that the YPG is simply the armed wing of an outlawed Kurdish terror outfit, the Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK.

The meeting took place with a White House still responding to what a senior US official said was Trump's disclosure of classified information about an Islamic State terror threat involving laptop computers on aircraft.

State-run news agency SANA quoted Damascus governor Beshr al-Sabban saying Monday that military units were combing the neighborhood to dismantle explosives and mines.

Trump also offered compassion and support for "horrible terrorist attacks" against the Turkish people in recent years. But they regard the issue of arming the YPG as touching on national security. It is a matter of national security which threatens its territorial integrity.

Speaking only in generalities about strengthening U.S. The U.S. decision to support the PYD has just made such explanations more hard. Congress does exercise vital checks and balances on US presidential power, and its members are likely to puncture the notion that America will offer only uncritical support for Erdogan's tactics. The U.S., whose forces are sometimes embedded with the Kurds, has much to fear.

Trump and Erdogan could hash out an agreement where Turkey "trades" Raqqa to the United States and its Syrian Kurdish allies, in exchange for a USA green light for a Turkish attack on the Sinjar region, a PKK stronghold in northern Iraq.

In his first speech to the staff of the State Department, Trump's Secretary of State Rex Tillerson diverged from forty years of bipartisan consensus on human rights as a core US value and famously described this tradition as "an obstacle" to advancing "our national security interests, our economic interests". In fact, there are already those who think this is the only way to get what you want from the US: unless you play dirty with Washington, make it pay greater costs, and spoil its plans, it will never take you seriously.

Trump gave highly classified information to Russians
And when they say its classified, if it was public knowledge, then it could hurt the national security of the United States. Some US officials have told Reuters they have been concerned about disclosing highly classified intelligence to Trump.

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"Even Donald Trump doesn't want to be influenced by Iran-sanctions violators and rogue regimes", he said. "Given Trump's clear fondness for autocrats and disinterest in upholding human rights norms at home and overseas, Turks who look to the United States to support their aspirations for a democratic future have little reason for optimism that they have a friend in the White House".

Doing this has allowed Turkey to go after limited PKK forces who have crossed the border into Iraq or Syria, but as lines blur, it's tough to argue that Turkey isn't just at war with Kurds in general at this point, particularly in Syria, where the PKK is virtually non-existent, and Turkey is after the YPG claiming they are the same group. Erdogan's government could limit access to the Incirlik air base, which is an important hub for US fighter jets that carry out strikes against Islamic State targets in both Syria and Iraq.

In Syria, this decision will have devastating repercussions on the future of the country.

The establishment of the de-escalation zones in Syria is aimed primarily at consolidating the cessation of hostilities, the reconciliation process in that country is impossible without that, Putin told reporters.

Trump disclosed potentially highly classified information to Russian emissaries last week. The Pentagon, however, considers the YPG the most effective military partner against the Islamic State. The SDF are now closing in on Raqqa, the de facto capital of the IS.

This might encourage other minorities with relatively suitable conditions to follow the PYD example. "We can come unexpectedly in the night..." he said on April 30. Indeed, Assad - the father- harbored, supported and used the PKK and its leader Abdullah Ocalan for a very long time against Turkey. Turkey is facing a disastrous outcome of the wars in Syria and Iraq which it once hoped would extend its influence in the northern Middle East. The goal was simply to create a buffer zone between Turkey and the Assad regime before indirectly manipulating it against Turkey.