Logan gets black-and-white trailer for Noir release

Posted May 17, 2017

What follows is a tense scene of Keen and Jackman yelling at each other (heads up for NSFW cursing) with an incredible ferocity.

The child artiste held her screen presence with such confidence against Jackman during the movie that many viewers couldn't take their eyes of the child wonder.

Watch Dafne Keen's audition here or above.

"It was the most extraordinary bits of audition tape I'd ever seen in my entire life", Stewart said.

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Dafne Keen recently landed herself another starring role in an upcoming film starring she and Luis Guzman following her memorable debut in the blockbuster hit Logan. Literally. After the audition tape, Hugh Jackman went home with bruises all over his shoulder after being punched by X-23 in the scene. Let us know what you thought of Logan by giving it your own rating below. It will be exciting to see where she goes next, both in the X-Men world and films in general. "There are qualities you can't ask of someone to deliver, a level a strength, a sort of stage presence, a maturity that still doesn't make sense to me", says producer Hutch Parker, "that felt like she could do this most hard thing of being an emotional co-star with Hugh and with Patrick and on top of that, also manage the physicality which was demanding".

"How do you have an 11-year-old character who doesn't speak in 90 pages?" Who's going to playing it? Well, director James Mangold has granted our wishes, and today he's even released a trailer for Logain Noir. You could just tell by the look on her face.

Logan will be available on digital HD tomorrow and DVD and Blu-ray on May 23, 2017. "This is something." We agree, Jackman, she is really something!