Instagram adds updates making it look more like Snapchat

Posted May 17, 2017

With today's arrival of Instagram Face Filters, Facebook and Instagram's complete and utter dismantling of the Snapchat platform is complete.

Over the past few months, Instagram has stolen all of Snapchat's major features, including Stories and ephemeral direct messaging.

It's no secret that Facebook-owned Instagram has been coping many of its newest features from rival app Snapchat. It has updated eight such filters including various crowns, animals like koala, rabbit and a spinning math equation.

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Instagram's introduction of selfie lenses (it calls them "face filters") comes in the midst of a major push from Facebook to layer digital experiences on top of the real world via its apps' cameras. Now Instagram is adding another fun feature to its app. "To see our initial set of eight face filters, simply open the camera and tap the new face icon in the bottom right corner".

Users can make videos that play in reverse with the "Rewind" feature. Boomerang works in a similar way, but instead loops the short burst of recording back and forth.

You can also add hashtags to your stories now, via text or with a hashtag sticker. It lets you link your story post to a hashtag on the social network. Finally, a new hashtag sticker is available which you can assign to any hashtag you can think of. Users can remove colors, erase various elements they've drawn and more. Copying Snapchat's best features probably won't convert many 16-year-olds from Snapchat to Instagram, for example, but it also won't give many 30-year-olds a reason to try Snapchat, either. Any of Instagram's shooting modes - photo, video, or even Boomerang can be used to add the filters. Well what if you could take your photographs (or "selfies", amirite kids?!), and add cool, colourful filters to them?