Duke lands commitment from Trevon Duval, top point guard in 2017

Posted May 16, 2017

If Lakers General Manager Rob Pelinka and, by extension, President of Basketball Operations Magic Johnson had their way, this will be the last time the team or its fans will have to be as concerned with that as they now are.

The consolation prize? Not much consolation at all - a 0.5 percent chance at the No. 1 overall pick, 0.6 percent chance at No. 2 and 0.7 percent at No. 3, otherwise 98.2 percent to draft at their No. 14 lottery seed, with only the first three picks determined by the random-but-weighted drawing at the New York Hilton Midtown. There is a 96 percent chance television cameras will pan to a shot of Harris as the Nuggets are saddled with that pick. After that, Rich was seen as a bad luck charm because the then-Bobcats didn't get the first overall pick even though they were coming off of the worst season in league history.

As it stands, the Lakers have only a not-so-nice 46.9 percent chance of keeping their top-three protected pick.

Former Sixers General Manager Sam Hinkie acquired the Lakers' pick in a 2015 trade for ex-NBA Rookie of the Year Michael Carter-Williams, who is now a reserve on his third pro team. Professional hoops is.different. No disrespect to the Jimmy Butlers (30th pick, 2011) of the world, but there's a distinct line between the top 14 National Basketball Association selections and the rest of the first round.

Since the switch to the current rules, we looked at the value of each lottery pick since the first year 14 teams were in the lottery, 2004.

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"I'd take the No. 1 overall pick", said Bertrand.

The Knicks are hoping their greatest point guard ever will bring a little luck to their pursuit of the next one. "He has a chance to go as high as No. 2 or No. 3 in this draft". A city that's been crying out for quality point-guard play for years (outside of the brief reign of Linsanity) would go bonkers over having Fultz or Ball running the show for the next decade.

Most of the Wolves' roster already is signed for next season. The point guard is quick and can score, something the Bulls need. LA holds a 22.6 percent chance of finishing with the no. 4 spot and and 26.5 percent chance of finishing with the no. 5 pick. 5 and 6 (9.5 percent). If the Kings win the lottery, their pick goes to the Sixers, who have swap rights thanks to the Sauce Castillo Landry Fields trade.

In some order, those three stars were becoming a consensus top three in the upcoming draft. If Ball is going to make his own shoe and apparel line work, his chances increase dramatically if he winds up in a major market such as Boston, Los Angeles, New York or Philadelphia, one where there would be an immediate and massive demand for fans to represent their new starting point guard and face of the franchise. Simmons missed his rookie season because of a fractured right foot. For the Sixers, it will be center Joel Embiid - last year, it was head coach Brett Brown.