Google is making another OS to rival Android and ChromeOS- Fuschia OS

Posted May 10, 2017

Just to recap, Google began work on a brand-new open-source operating system called Fuchsia back in August 2016. It's unclear what it's main goal will be when/if it gets finished, but it looks like it's development is accelerating as Google has officially given the OS its own user interface known as Armadillo.

Fuscia's user interface is code-named Armadillo, and if you do manage to get it up and running, you'll notice several similarities between it and Google's two main existing OSes (Chrome and Android), according to Ars Technica. Will it replace Android and Chrome OS? Fuchsia runs on x86/IA-64 hardware and is backward compatible with key Android libraries. The final one will get released most possibly by the end of third quarter 2017.

There's a snapshot (or, more accurately, a video) of progress in Google's 15-month quest to develop an alternative mobile operating system, codenamed Fuchsia.

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Armadillo allows cards to be dragged around used in a multi-screen format. The system itself, and apps for it, are developed on Flutter, which can also develop Android and iOS apps. Next week, the software giant is expected to host its annual Google I/O developers conference in San Francisco where it could talk more about the project. Flutter apps themselves are written in the Dart programming language. Some details were leaked past year, when it was little more than a command line OS, but now they have provided it with an official name: Google Fuchsia. The whole UI sticks closely to Google's Material Design conventions, and makes use of Google's own Escher graphics rendering convention to do so.

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Called Armadillo, the interface is made up of a home screen with cards for each application above, similar to those used by Google Now on Android. Whether Fuchsia will ever be turned into a real product, however, remains to be seen. You have a starting point that shows your profile photo along with time and location, followed by cards above that could be shortcuts to apps. Linux forms the core of most modern operating systems, including the Mac OS. Google is certainly not being very secretive about Fuchsia as all the code is sitting in plain view, but that doesn't mean we will see anything official in the near future.