BC NDP leader John Horgan takes campaign to Liberal heartland in Okanagan

Posted May 07, 2017

Overall, British Columbians consensus on the BC Liberal government's handling of the economy is favourable, with over half of residents believing the party has done "very good" or "good" at managing the provincial economy (52%), fostering worldwide investment (also 52%) and job creation (51%).

Weaver also says strategic voting is a farce because if that were true, "both Liberals and NDP should all vote Green because we know that there's as many people voting Liberal because they don't want the NDP in, as voting NDP because they don't want the Liberals in".

Horgan said the NDP will make significant investments in schools, hospitals, infrastructure and young families, which has been lacking for decades under the B.C. Liberals.

- Weaver says Horgan's comments smack of voter suppression.

Liberal Leader Christy Clark is defending a little-known tax rebate program meant to attract global business to British Columbia that allowed TD Bank to claim a $2.8-million refund.

NDP leader John Horgan was asked the same question and said the province can't afford four more years of the BC Liberals.

He said the NDP and Greens share similar positions on electoral reform, climate change and opposition to the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion project.

North Korea accuses US, South Korea of assassination attempt
China said in mid-February that it will halt imports of North Korean coal in line with the UNSC sanctions against Pyongyang.

Police arrest protesters at Alton Sterling memorial rally
That's the constitutional standard in the country. "You tell someone, I'm going to kill you "bitch" and then he does it". KASTE: Yeah, it's really tempting to compare these two cases as they're kind of coming up to our attention right now.

Critics say law would steal overtime pay from workers
The bill keeps in place all other requirements under the Fair Labor Standards Act and maintains protections for employees. This makes for an uphill battle in the Senate, even though the White House has come out in support of the measure.

Her government had challenged the company's claim for a refund in court because TD filed its paperwork a day late.

Mr. Horgan's Vernon presence in the campaign office of Vernon-Monashee New Democrat Barry Dorval was a less easily explained measure.

"We are going to stand strong to make sure we support jobs in British Columbia", says Clark. "If people continue to vote for the lesser of two evils, they'll get the lesser of two evils, but the lesser of two evils, is still not very good".

- The NDP says people deserve answers about the global business activity program because it allows unnamed corporations to receive an unknown amount of taxpayer money with no discernible benefits for B.C.

The program was created in 1988 when Social Credit was in power. The program gives away millions in taxpayer dollars to unnamed corporations with no discernible benefits for British Columbians.

"I guess the folks in Finance decided that (TD Bank) met that goal", she said.

"Every day, it's getting harder and more expensive to live in B.C., and the only people getting ahead are Christy Clark and her rich friends", said Eby in a statement.