First Female White House Chief Usher 'No Longer Employed'

Posted May 06, 2017

Angela Reid was the first woman and the second African American to hold the prestigious position of White House Chief Usher.

"We are very grateful for her service and wish her the very best", one White House official said.

The White House has fired its chief usher, the person responsible for managing the residence, staff and overseeing events.

Because the chief usher is not a political position, it is not compelled to change at the beginning of a new White House administration.

Residence staff first learned of her firing when they arrived at work this morning.

There have only been nine ushers at the White House since 1885, so her abrupt removal by Trump makes her tenure extremely short compared to her predecessors.

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Reid's departure from the White House post, according to the Trump administration, was not in any way hostile or acrimonious. "If there is a very compelling reason for the dismissal, the White House needs to tell the public" he said. The chief usher also works closely with the first family on matters including art, decor and furnishings.

Well, at least she no longer has to worry about Trump trying to turn everything in the residence a lurid gold color. Reid was hired under President Obama in October 2011.

Reid, who had 25 years experience in hotel management, happened upon the position at a pool party.

Asked why the Trump administration felt it necessary to let her go, Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters Friday,"It's not uncommon you might have a transition of staff when a new administration comes in and it's certainly nothing more than that". "And fortunately for me, she took me seriously and passed this message on and someone called me back".

"These are the people that have the most intimate details and knowledge of how you live your life", McBride said of the relationship between the household staff and the first family.