Ivanka Trump microphone quip draws criticism for Fox host

Posted April 30, 2017

"I'm going to be taking a vacation with my family, so I'm not going to be here tomorrow", said Watters. While defending her against members of the audience who had heckled some of her comments, he said, "the left says they respect women and given the opportunity to respect women like that boo and hiss". I should have realized that my remarks could be perceived as making an inappropriate "joke" about Ivanka Trump, the President's daughter.

Watters explained shortly afterwards that the comment was about how Ivanka's cadence reminded the panel of how smooth jazz radio hosts crooned, and was in no way a blow-job joke, as the media has spun it.

Fox News personality Jesse Watters made an obviously crude, vulgar remark about Ivanka Trump on The Five, and now he's gone away on vacation. After all, he's fresh off getting roasted for what many perceived to be lewd comments about Ivanka Trump's speech at a recent conference.

Jesse Watters is the latest Fox News host caught in an ongoing controversy over sexual harassment at the network. During his segment "Watters' World" for the O'Reilly Factor, Watters received major backlash for a segment taking place in New York City's Chinatown that was deemed offensive for racist stereotyping against Chinese and Asian-Americans.

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In 2009, Amanda Terkel, then the managing editor of Think Progress, wrote a column in which she said she was "followed, harassed, and ambushed" by Watters while on vacation after she ran a column criticizing Bill O'Reilly for his comments toward rape survivors.

The episode comes at a bad time for Fox News, the cable news giant that has been reeling from claims of sexual misconduct throughout the organization. Like the simple-minded older brother who stumbled into trouble that either embarrassed or imperiled his family's criminal enterprise in "The Godfather II", Mr. Watters consistently does things that would disqualify him for employment at every other media organization but Fox News.

Before he was sacked recently because of years of accumulated sexual harassment allegations, Bill O'Reilly was given the equivalent of Michael Corleone's "kiss of death" by the Murdoch family and abruptly sent "on vacation".

On Wednesday, Watters announced that was going on vacation - just a few days after his show "The Five" moved to the prime time slot. Watters, who basically started out on Fox doing a little blurb on O'Reilly's show, is a rising star at the cable news channel. However, one comment has sent him running.