'Serving storm troopers'? McDonald's reveals new uniforms and Twitter smirks

Posted April 27, 2017

Earlier this month, the fast-food chain announced that new uniforms would be created by designers Bindu Rivas and Waraire Boswell.

"Individuality is important to McDonald's restaurant employees", McDonald's says in a press release, charitably recognizing that many of its workers are separate entities from their stations, some even boasting identities and interests that go well beyond operating deep fryers. "They're sleek. I bet a lot of the employees like them", Phil Caulfield, senior editor, noted.

Social media users were quick to liken the grey uniforms to a host of film baddies, including Star Wars' Imperial Officers. "No - it McDonald's that's the uniform of our dystopian present", one fan posted.

Another editor, Jordan Muto, had mixed feelings - and some nostalgia: "I think the gray gives the uniforms a modern look and update, but they really lack personality".

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McDonald's 850,000 employees in 14,000 restaurants will be sporting a new stylish grayscale design, the opposite of the traditional red/black/yellow motif - though there have been color variations over the years. And this time out, they made a decision to go with a modern ensemble that was functional yet fashionable. And it comes with a very Empire appropriate hat.

McDonald's says that more than 70 per cent of restaurant employees surveyed liked the new uniforms, for providing a "modern image". Most of the current selections, though, are decidedly unexciting - red or black polos you could wear to any corporate office park on casual Friday. But the latest buzz about the fast food joint isn't about food at all.

McDonald's new uniforms are prompting some teasing online, with comments saying the gray-toned shirts and aprons make employees look like they're part of totalitarian regimes. Or is this the gang responsible for flipping President Snow and Governor Tarkin's burgers?