Senate Confirms Perdue as Agriculture Secretary

Posted April 27, 2017

Perdue, who holds a doctorate in veterinary medicine and was raised on a dairy farm, is the first agriculture secretary from a southern state since Mike Espy of MS, who served from January 1993 to December 1994.

Senate Democrats largely backed Perdue, even while criticizing President Trump for proposing a big cut to USDA's budget.

Nebraska lawmakers in Washington, D.C. are sharing their support for Perdue's confirmation. NGA looks forward to working with Governor Perdue and his staff to advance common goals that ultimately help supermarkets serve both rural and urban communities nationwide, including serving the most vulnerable Americans through programs such as SNAP and WIC.

Perdue is slated to be sworn in during a short ceremony early Tuesday at the Supreme Court and later speak with department employees.

Perdue said he would work with Thune on his bill aimed at creating the Soil Health and Income Protection Program, which Thune said is part of his broader farm bill plan. "I look forward to working with him as a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee to make our agriculture, farming, and ranching industries vigorous and strong now, and for future generations".

Perdue was nominated for the post in January, but Senate action was held up while he made adjustments in his business holdings to comply with ethics requirements.

Regarding those contributions, Lee noted that farms and businesses directly involved in the production, distribution and processing of US cotton employ more than 125,000 workers and produce direct business revenue of more than $21 billion.

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While literally hundreds of farm, ranch and agricultural groups endorsed Perdue's nomination as it came before the Senate, there were dissident voices, mostly outside the industry.

" 'I know he will put the needs of farmers, ranchers and others in rural America first, ' Roberts said".

USDA officials need to keep farmers at top of mind as they go about daily business, Perdue said.

"As secretary, I will champion the concerns of farmers, ranchers, foresters and producers, and will work tirelessly to solve the issues facing our farm families", Perdue said.

During the signing, President Trump commented on the current trade dispute with Canada over dairy product pricing.

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer of NY also talked to Trump about the dairy issue last week in a rare phone call between the two men. Senior Democratic leaders Chuck Schumer of NY and Dick Durbin of IL voted 'yes'.