Puff, puff, pass: Liberals table legislation to legalize marijuana

Posted April 25, 2017

Voters in California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada voted a year ago to approve recreational use, joining Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington.

Uruguay in South America is the only nation to legalize recreational pot.

- Adults aged 18 and older would be allowed to grow up to four cannabis plants for each residence, with plants not to exceed one metre in height. "It's too easy for our kids to get marijuana", says the Prime Minister. OrganiGram Holdings Inc (OGI.V), which has almost doubled, fell 9.7 percent to C$2.80.The market action was likely a "sell the news" reaction as the legislation was largely in line with what an official task force recommended previous year, said Aaron Salz, founder of Stoic Advisory.

The government's plan, which is based on the findings of experts, still needs more work but is expected to kick off legal marijuana sales by mid-2018.

"We are reviewing the proposed legislation and attempting to understand the impacts around policing, which will include training, enforcement, implications of impaired operation by drug and some implications that likely haven't even been contemplated yet", Rodd said.

Mr Trudeau has previously said he favours the law being set to allow the drug to be used legally from the age of 18. The provinces will also decide how the drug will be distributed and sold.

As it relates to trucking, the Liberal government also explained that for the first time in Canadian law there will be a regulated limit to how much THC can be in a driver's blood while behind the wheel. Marijuana taxes will be announced at a later date.

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Canadian officials were in close touch with their American counterparts as they drafted the proposed law, Ralph Goodale, Canada's public safety minister, said on Thursday. That mention of keeping cannabis out of reach of the Canadian youth is heavily emphasized in the press release as well. "Police forces spend between $2 billion and $3 billion every year trying to deal with cannabis, and yet Canadian teenagers are among the heaviest users in the western world ..."

Goodale argued that the Canadian approach would ultimately prove to be the better one.

In Niagara Falls, Ontario, smokeshop owner Amaan Panjwani is waiting patiently to see how the Ontario government crafts its regulations. She fears usage will go up because concerns about its safety will dissipate.

Early and regular cannabis use can affect memory, attention, intelligence and the ability to process thoughts, said CPA President Dr. Renuka Prasad, and exacerbate the risk of psychotic disorders and other mental health issues among those already vulnerable.

Though eight US states have legalized marijuana to various extents, the drug remains illegal under federal law. '... those laws must continue to be respected and upheld right across the country.

If Canada is successful in legalising the recreational use of the drug, it will be the G7 country to do so.

If you haven't heard an "I'm moving to Canada" joke in a while, brace yourself: On Thursday, CBC News reported that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government will publish draft legislation that, if passed, would legalize recreational marijuana.