Nanny Says Spice Girl Seduced and Defamed Her

Posted April 25, 2017

The former Spice Girls star previously claimed her estranged husband, Stephen Belafonte, impregnated the child-minder and urged her to get an abortion after Mel scoffed at the idea of letting Lorraine and her child live with them.

Lorraine Gilles claims in her lawsuit that Mel B, whose full name is Melanie Brown, "seduced" her "with alcohol, fame and casual sex".

Now, she's adding Belafonte's alleged involvement in the porn industry to the list of reasons he shouldn't have contact with the kids!

Gilles claims she was terminated in September 2016, after finding herself caught in the middle of intensifying marital arguments between Brown and Belafonte, and says she hasn't spoken to Brown since her employment ended. She also insists that she's not in possession of any sexual videos, and that Mel B was always happy to record and be recorded during their sexcapades.

Gilles, now 26, claims she was just 18 when Brown and Belafonte plied her with booze and cajoled her into sex after they first met at a Hollywood bar in 2009.

Mel B has yet to refute the claims.

Gilles submitted several photos as evidence in a defamation suit that she filed against the "America's Got Talent" judge last week. In one, Mel B is kissing Gilles on the cheek.

The German-born Lorraine claimed she had a lesbian relationship with Mel who allegedly told her that she had an "open marriage" with Belafonte.

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Days after filing for divorce, she was given a temporary restraining order following her accusations of domestic abuse.

Gilles denied that she took any more money from Brown than the agreed-upon rate for her nanny services.

Belafonte has also been accused of getting their nanny, Lorraine Gilles, pregnant.

Alongside a ruling on Mr Belafonte visiting his daughter, the judge urged him and Brown not to disparage each other in front of their child.

Gilles further claims that Brown came to her aide when she became pregnant after a "one night stand" by a man in a bar.

There have also been reports that he has a gun and when asked if he was concerned, Jimmy said he reported it seven years ago and informed Eddie Murphy, the father of Mel's daughter Angel Murphy Brown, 10.

While Gilles is seeking unspecified damages for alleged libel, invasion of privacy, and intentional infliction of emotional distress, Belafonte has filed new papers in a bid to gain access to the children.