Labour government would seek to create four new bank holidays

Posted April 25, 2017

In a separate report, The Guardian noted that Corbyn presented Labour's string of recent new policies, for example a £10 minimum wage and cracking down on corporate tax avoidance, as an alternative "to unlock opportunities for every single person in this country".

In ruling out a progressive alliance between the Greens, SNP, Lib Dems and Labour, both Corbyn and Farron have doomed the United Kingdom to another Conservative government.

"The dividing lines in this election could not be clearer from the outset - it is the Conservative Party, the party of privilege and the richest, versus the Labour Party, the party that is standing up for working people to improve the lives of all".

Britain's opposition Labour Party said Tuesday that it will tear up the government's negotiating plan for Brexit and guarantee all European Union citizens in the United Kingdom the right to stay if it wins the June 8 national election.

Blair said that if Theresa May won a landslide, as the polls now suggest, the Conservatives would read it as a mandate for "Brexit at any costs" - and voters concerned about the risks of leaving the European Union should press every candidate to ask whether they had an open mind about whether the final deal was in Britain's interests.

Although the event was suppose to be impartial, at several times throughout the afternoon the crowd were urged to vote for Labour by compare and comedienne Ava Vidal, while Mr. Corbyn was introduced by Tottenham Labour Party member, Seema Chandwani, as "the next Prime Minister".

The Labour leader repeatedly refused to be drawn on whether he would be prepared to authorise a drone strike on the leader of IS, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, if British intelligence discovered his whereabouts.

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The poll - the first since UK Prime Minister Theresa May called a snap election for June 8 - recorded the Scottish National Party (SNP) at 44 percent, down six points from the 2015 election.

"With Theresa May's record as home secretary and the way she's conducted herself since she's been Prime Minister, I don't think anybody can be in doubt as to how serious she takes those responsibilities and is really on top of the detail".

"The Tories' promises to deal with energy bills should be taken with a huge pinch of salt".

He said a Labour government would hold an immediate defence review, adding: "We haven't completed work on the manifesto".

While the stakes were "high" for Britain, he said the choice facing the country "could not be clearer". And now, faced with very poor odds, all those who align themselves as left-of-centre (or even just those who want to prevent a hard Brexit) must get their heads out of the sand and admit to themselves that the only way to prevent a Conservative government with an increased majority is through an electoral pact between all left-of-centre parties.

Mr Corbyn was making his second speech of the day in Scotland, and his 13th appearance in the election campaign. I've made clear that there would be no first use of it.

Jokingly told Labour may still be in search of candidates for the forthcoming general election, Mr Blair replied: "Well, I tell you what I fancy, I fancy doing whatever I can to at least make this debate in the election into a proper debate. It's the people versus the powerful".