Vinson carrier group expected off Korea in late April

Posted April 19, 2017

If the USS Carl Vinson strike group is heading to the Korean peninsula, it is taking its time.

The aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson and its strike group actually sailed south after U.S.

"If the president can lose track of a 100,000 ton aircraft carrier, how well is he managing the rest of the USA government?"

Some news organizations cited the armada's apparent race northward as a sign of a possible pre-emptive attack on North Korea, spurring global concerns of a possible war.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un responded with his own fiery warnings and threatened to conduct weekly missile tests.

Pentagon officials, however, told The Guardian Tuesday that the USA military might consider shooting down North Korean missile tests in the future.

Tillerson plans to raise North Korea again when he hosts a meeting of foreign ministers at the U.N. Security Council late next week in NY.

The Korea Herald reported Monday that the USS Carl Vinson is due to arrive in South Korea's eastern waters on April 25, in time for another important date in the North Korean calendar: the anniversary of the army's foundation.

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Lavrov told journalists in Moscow that if Pence's words can be understood as a threat to take unilateral action against North Korea, "then this is a very risky path". "He wants to get some pragmatic promises from the US, China and Russian Federation to secure his regime".

In the midst of this madness, unverified reports began circulating that China had moved 150,000 troops to the Korean Peninsula in anticipation of a conflict.

Lu says China wants to resume multi-party negotiations that ended in stalemate in 2009.

A ship bell signaled his arrival Wednesday morning on the USS Ronald Reagan at the U.S. Yokosuka naval base south of Tokyo. They are not excited about the missile defense deployments in Japan and Korea.

A North Korea missile exploded during launch in the latest test on Sunday. "Well, the answer for China is to get a hold of this guy in North Korea, and that will reduce the necessity of us increasing military presence".

He said that under President Donald Trump, the USA will stand up to its enemies with its allies.

The United States ratcheted up its rhetoric ahead of North Korea's military parade and failed missile launch over the weekend, and Vice President Mike Pence on Monday declared that the era of USA "strategic patience" in dealing with Pyongyang was over.

Meanwhile, Pence, during a 10-day trip through Asia, said during his stop in Japan that the USA would continue to work toward a nuclear weapons-free Korean Peninsula.