Apple Makes Its Apps Available For Free

Posted April 19, 2017

Apple today updated several of its Mac and iOS apps, making them available for all Mac and iOS users for free. Put another way, the only folks who will notice a change are those who might have had trouble downloading the apps in the first place. This eliminates the need to buy new Apple hardware to get these apps for free.

While many Apple users were already eligible for the free software, the update is good news for those with old and secondhand devices, along with people with "hackintosh" computers.

The move also simplifies the price structure for iWork and iLife apps and may be one more sign that Apple plans to stop supporting 32-bit devices with iOS 11.

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Apple did not officially announce the price changes, nor did the company issue a policy statement to users who recently paid for any of the apps. The Mac versions of the iWork apps were $19.99 and the iOS versions were $9.99 apiece. iMovie and GarageBand were similarly priced for Mac $14.99 and $4.99, respectively, and their iOS counterparts were $4.99 on the App Store. Free copies were included with a new Mac or iOS device.

Apple chose to bundle these apps for free in late 2013 with new iOS devices and Macs or offering them as free downloads to those who picked up new hardware. You'll find all of the offerings in Apple's Mac and iOS App Stores.