Trump advisers to meet Tuesday to discuss Paris climate agreement

Posted April 18, 2017

China has also announced plans to spend more than $360 billion dollars (U.S.) over the next several years investing in renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar. Royal Dutch Shell Plc and BP Plc also have endorsed the pact.

But in a November interview with The New York Times, Trump said he was still developing a position on the Paris agreement.

As for India - which is on course to greatly increase its energy demand in coming years as electrification reaches more and more of the country's vast population - it, too, is moving to address climate change. Shell spokesman Curtis Smith said the company remains "strongly in favor" of the agreement.

Companies from Starbucks and Pepsi to oil giant ExxonMobil and coal producer Cloud Peak Energy have lobbied the Trump administration to stay in the Paris agreement. The other advisers have yet to take an official stance.

The industry campaign to stick with the Paris accord comes amid deep divisions in the Trump administration over the carbon-cutting agreement.

However, reports in March suggested that members of Trump's senior team were divided over pulling out of the deal, with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and his own daughter Ivanka advising him not to pull the plug over concerns it would upset major allies.

US President Donald Trump's top environment official has called for an "exit" from the historic Paris agreement in what appeared to be the first time such a high-ranking official has so explicitly disavowed the agreement endorsed by almost 200 countries to fight climate change.

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Trump is nearing a decision on whether he will fulfill repeated pledges to withdraw the US from the carbon-cutting pact he previously derided as "bad for USA business".

According to Politico, Bannon and Pruitt want Trump to withdraw the USA from the agreement, while Kushner and Tillerson stand on the opposite side of the issue.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer recently told reporters Trump would make a decision on the agreement ahead of the Group of 7 leaders' meeting in late May.

Not every energy executive is on board.

"The coal industry was almost devastated by years of regulatory overreach, but with new direction from President [Donald] Trump, we are helping to turn things around for these miners and for many other hardworking Americans", he said. In light of the recent actions, what previous policies will remain and what will change? United States carbon dioxide emissions declined from 2005 to 2016 by 14 percent largely due to hydraulic fracturing providing cheap and plentiful natural gas to consumers.

Supporters have argued that remaining in the pact would maintain goodwill with worldwide trading partners, facilitating USA energy exports, including expanded sales of liquefied natural gas overseas.