Suspect detained over St. Petersburg metro attack

Posted April 18, 2017

Russia's Federal Security Service said Monday that it has arrested a suspected organizer of the suicide bombing in the St. Petersburg subway that killed 14 passengers.

"One of the organizers of the investigated case, who is a native of the Central Asian region, Azimov Abror Akhralovich, born in 1990, has been detained in the area of Odintsovo, Moscow Region", the statement says.

The FSB said the man arrested Monday was believed to have helped prepare the suicide bomber.

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The suspect is the ninth person to have been detained on suspicion of having colluded with the bomber, Kyrgyzstan-born Akbarzhon Dzhalilov, since the attack on April 3.

In December 2013, a suicide bombing at a train station in Volgograd killed at least 16 people, in an attack linked to a network in Dagestan. After the attack the police reinforced security of the service in Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan and other cities, including airports. The FSB described him in a statement as one of the organisers of the attack, who had trained Jalilov, RIA reported.

Jalilov is said to have detonated his device after a metro train left St Petersburg's Sennaya Ploshchad station, heading south for Tekhnologichesky Institut on the blue, north-south metro line. The group includes another 8 people, all of them coming from Central Asia.