'Girls' Breastfeeding Finale Gave An Honest Look At New Motherhood

Posted April 18, 2017

Episode 62 (season 6, episode 10/series girls-but-ill-always-love-lena/">finale), debut 4/16/17: Lena Dunham. But on the other hand: Aren't most of us dealing with the fact that we have moms who either weren't ready to be moms or had some level of resentment about it? It's a quick way to show us how much has changed: "When did you get here?" pregnant Hannah demands, just before Marnie successfully convinces her that she, Marnie, should move in and help raise the baby. Which seems to hit the nail on the head. Dunham and her gaggle of girls - played by Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke, and Zosia Mamet - managed to achieve something that no series had before.

The first shot of the finale mimics one of the first shots in the pilot. Hannah wakes up in shock.

Hannah agrees to Marnie's offer because what does she have to lose?

Well of course Marnie was breastfed for two years. "Who else is here!"

'I'm here. I win. "That was the season where you said I had to get out of your dressing room or you were going to punch me, ' Dunham reminded her". A brief flash forward of several months brings us to the days directly after Hannah's son, Grover, has been born. After "Goodbye Tour" tied up the loose ends and gave the characters their proper send-offs, the official conclusion provides a glimpse into Hannah's troublesome life as a single mother with live-in help from Marnie. She has some advice about breastfeeding. I can also attest that the job Hannah got teaching students how to write for the Internet does exist, and while the pay isn't often great, the cost of living upstate is quite lower than it is in NYC. Grover likes Marnie's singing and when Marnie holds him. Hannah, always one to hate the present, finds hope in this, though it's not enough hope to keep her from lashing out at her poor mother: The two end up getting into a tiff that ends with Hannah scolding Loreen for staying with a gay man for so long and for therefore giving Hannah a skewed idea of what a "normal" family is like.

It was especially poignant since, in saying those things to Hannah, she was acknowledging failures on her own part, both as a parent and as a woman.

Marnie has the best of intentions, although her loyalty has an aggressive bent.

While Hannah, in many ways, mistreats Marnie throughout the finale, she does speak to certain truths that Marnie ignores.

So Marnie calls in Loreen, because it's time for a Real Mom to show up. Meanwhile, she treats Marnie like a human punching bag. What begins as bathroom small talk erupts into a full-blown war of words. I personally believe seasons 3 and 4 are where you started to see "burnout". But Hannah wants him to be better than her. She's come so far, but she still has a long way to go. It takes time. And Hannah apparently has that epiphany when telling the girl to just go and do her homework - and then also telling her to just go and screw her boyfriend. Loreen walks in on her masturbating.

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Marnie comes across a lot better. Would Hannah's unborn child be any less a baby if Hannah suddenly decided she just couldn't do this? Naturally, Girls ended with Hannah in the nude.

Why He's Terrible: Ray was a grumpy, lonely young man in an old man's body who barely tolerated being around the Girls.

Other lingering questions feel less intentional, the most glaring of which being how Hannah will approach raising a child of color, which is never acknowledged, let alone adequately addressed. Though her father wanted to break it to her gently, her mother couldn't wait.

Tricia: The whole episode is pretty amusing.

You'd think that this episode being Girls series finale, we'd get more closure for every character. "Latching" in this episode was really about the bond of a mother to a daughter, conferring dignity and beauty to that most special of relationships. There's so much about Hannah that I didn't like.

What's In Her Future: After a wedding that most definitely gets written up in the New York Times' Vows section, Shosh and her hubby will work their way up the ladder in their chosen careers before moving to Westchester and starting a family.

Tricia: As an ending it was fine.

Oh, and if you're wondering about the choice of Hannah's baby's name (SPOILERS AHEAD), Lena and Jenni Konner also explained how Grover Horvath came to be. They seemed physically incapable of thinking about anyone other than themselves, despite numerous episodes showing the pitfalls of such a mind-set.