Activists to use Tax Day to tell Trump to show returns

Posted April 14, 2017

Trump has long resisted calls to disclose his tax returns as typically done by past presidents and White House candidates. The IRS has released a statement declaring an audit would not preclude anyone from releasing their own tax information. "And the big mystery is why he hasn't". "When you clean up the swamp, it's not keeping things secret and applies to yourself".

President Trump has promised to cut taxes for middle income workers.


Trump has promised to cut taxes for middle income workers. "By any measure, the Chinese government has pulled the rug out from the United States and administrations from both parties haven't been strong enough to fight back".

Meanwhile, Schumer said Democrats want to see the president's return to determine if he or his family business have any conflicts of interests. "No one knows the answer", he said. The White House is days away from deciding whether to follow through on Trump's campaign pledge to declare China as such - a move that could lead to new US tariffs if China doesn't change its practices.

"For far too long China has taken us to the cleaners when it comes to the economy".

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Asked to respond, Schumer agreed that China's currency manipulation and the current troubles in North Korea are linked "but in the opposite way of the president".

"I think what he (Trump) is saying is if they are tough on North Korea, I'll go easier on trade".

SOMA Action will hold a local "Rally for Trump's Returns" at 10:15 am in Ricalton Square, Maplewood Town Center, and then ride the 10:54 train to NY, to Bryant Park, where the NYC national Tax Day March begins at 1 p.m.

Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, along with now-President Donald Trump, announced the completion of the Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point in October 2013.