NC bill calls for rejection of same-sex marriage

Posted April 13, 2017

A bill filed today by Republicans in the North Carolina Legislature would reinstate North Carolina's ban on same-sex marriage, in defiance of the 2015 Supreme Court ruling that brought marriage equality to all 50 states.

The bill is sponsored by three Republican representatives: Larry Pittman, Michael Speciale, and Carl Ford. For a scholarly account of same-sex marriage throughout history, see this article from Yale Law scholar William Eskridge, Jr.

It declares the Supreme Court's Obergefell v. Hodges decision was a Constitutional overreach.

Simply, North Carolina Republicans want to employ the methods usually reserved for anti-abortion laws - ignoring the established laws that will certainly strike down the bill they are proposing in order to make a political stand for their conservative voters. Upholding the U.S. and NC Constitutions means demanding that laws and court rulings do not contradict the very Constitutions we are obligated to uphold.

A bill introduced Tuesday claims that the nation's highest court overstepped its authority with its 2015 gay-marriage ruling.

House Bill 780 is titled the "Uphold Historic Marriage Act". "Pittman and Speciale are embarrassments to the State of North Carolina and should be shunned from public life", he tweeted.

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A yard sign urging against the constitutional amendment that prohibited same-sex marriage.

"Now these conferences, they're going to have to think twice about doing a boycott, especially for something that's as out of their core mission as they did trying to influence legislation of the General Assembly", said Rep. Mark Brody, one of the primary sponsors of the bill. "We need more LGBT protections, not fewer", Cooper wrote.

North Carolina Tar Heels forward Luke Maye (32) battles North Carolina State Wolfpack guard Maverick Rowan (24) for a loose ball during the second half of an NCAA college basketball game Sunday, Jan. 8, 2017 in Chapel Hill, NC.

The bill arrived at a sensitive moment for North Carolina, which has for much of the previous year been a magnet for criticism and economic boycotts due to another bill.

"North Carolina is not giving up on its discrimination against LGBTQ people", said Cathryn Oakley, senior legislative counsel at the Human Rights Campaign, a national group that advocates equal rights for the LGBTQ community.