Homeland Security Secretary Concedes Full Border Wall Is 'Unlikely'

Posted April 13, 2017

It appears that the only person who doesn't know it is the president of the United States. He did not address that group during his testimony Wednesday.

Kelly said border agents could separate parents and children if, for instance, the mother is sick or addicted to drugs. But he said it won't be routine.

"We've seen an absolutely wonderful drop in the number of migrants coming out of Central America that are taking that terribly risky route from Central America to the United States", he said at the recent hearing of the Senate Homeland Security Committee.

Jennifer Meridian - an artist who says Trump's actual border wall is "preposterous for so many reasons", according to the Wall Street Journal - also proposes a wall of hammocks and a wall of refugees' gravestones for passersby to "consider the danger, terror, and horror they must have faced in trying to cross".

The Trump administration is no longer considering separating women and children at the southern USA border as a means of deterring their migration, a Department of Homeland Security spokesman said on Wednesday. In a somewhat tense back and forth with Sen.

Otra Nation, a group of USA and Mexican citizens, proposed the world's first shared co-nation along the border "open to citizens of both countries and co-maintained by Mexico and the United States of America".

Kelly said before his confirmation as homeland security secretary that he did not think a wall itself would resolve border security issues, and has said since that in some areas, physical barriers would be unnecessary or impractical.

"The greatest impact in raising the moral in the last 90 days is the work force is now allowed to do their job", the former general said.

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One bidder wants to build President Donald Trump's 2,000-mile wall with impenetrable concrete made from the soil found on the Mexican border.

"I've seen suicide bombers try to get through to blow themselves up and it didn't work out too well for them", said Carpenter, who said he was raised on the Mexican border and now owns a construction company in Mission, Texas, near the Rio Grande. In recent years most of the families and children traveling alone have been from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

Fresh data on illegal migrants from Mexico entering the United States showed that the number of arrests made in March was the lowest in 17 years, while the overall illegal movement declined by about 71% since December 2016. The head of Homeland Security said March was the fifth straight month border arrests declined and marked the lowest monthly number of arrests in the last 17 years.

Kelly also told the Homeland Security committee there's been a "little bit of increase in Mexicans" entering the US illegally from the north.

Kelly said a "physical barrier works" in the 650 miles where it now exists along the southern border.

Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., asked Kelly whether he would put the policy in writing, but he responded saying a "verbal directive" is enough.

"For the younger generation, they say if there is going to be a wall, let's have it be green", said Gleason Managing Partner Thomas Gleason.